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Learn a priceless skillset that allows you to read and trade the market to always come out profitable.  You can apply what you learn and use it to maximize profits on every trade throughout the day!  Trading is a skill set that will be with you for years to come.  When trading in this amazing community, you will never trade alone!



Our Community is like no other!  We have a large community of active traders that trade each and every day.  We have chat rooms set up in Discord where we trade as a team!  We trade together, we win together, and we lose together! (however if you look at our team profits channel in Discord, we rarely lose!)

Live Trading

Live Trading

There is no better way to learn to trade than by joining a live trading session with CK himself!  Our team holds live trading sessions that you can actively watch and even trade with CK.  During the session he teaches what he is seeing in the charts and you can see his trades in real time!  There is no better training than trading live!

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CK Trading is now operating under  Please click the link below for membership options.  With CK Trading acquiring BotJok we made the decision to move our products and services over to the their website.  They have an amazing layout and user friendly site.  We are excited to make this conversion!  Please create your membership by clicking on any of the links.

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Our community is one that is a very active, supportive and positive and is growing each and every day.

Why stare at charts all day or watch videos online on how to trade when you can learn from a community with a proven success record!

There are people out there that spend every hour of every day staring at charts trying to figure out not only what they should invest in, but the exact entry & exit points to do so.

Many of you have full time jobs, or very busy lives.  Many people in our community work full time jobs and still trade profitable!  The skillset CK teaches can be learned in weeks or even days.  We have members in our community who have only traded for a few weeks/days who are trading profitably each and every trade!

Join our team and let us do the charting work for you!


Entered long yesterday DCA once bounced off the bottom when I saw it coming up set my take profit @ 200% woke up with little more confidence thanks CRYPTO_KING_GA3 for encouraging me to get back on that horse. Thank you CRYPTO_MANDI for answering all my questions and TA . Thank you CRYPTO_NICK I have watched you grow since last November and I am riding on your shirt tails

- Scotty L

CK, I just wanted to thank you for the encouragement and the challenge yesterday to ask, speak out and write down my goal for the week. I’m like quite a few of our other team members in that I own a business and it consumes a lot of my time so I haven’t had time to trade the way I’d like for close to six weeks. I asked the Lord to give me wisdom as I set a goal to make $1000 trading this week and today being the first day of that endeavor I was able to get off work right after lunch and come home to trade. I only made 4 trades but they were all good and I netted $654 after fees on the first day. I left plenty of money on the table but, I committed to protect my profit and close a good trade and wait for the next good entry. Thanks for all that you and the great team you’ve assembled do for us brother! You’re making a difference in a lot of lives and it is appreciated more than you’ll ever know!

- Pace

I will like to say a special thank you to CK and all the TEAM for teaching me how to trade. This has change my life. I don’t trade on bexplus anymore as I have started trading different assets BTC,gold, and other materials. THIS HAS CHANGE MY LIFE. Iim so grateful to this family and I’m willing to keep learning and never stop. Thank you team thank you family

- Brian B.

Of course CK is incomparable in knowledge, passion, and work ethic I’m so grateful for this amazing group he has built !! In what he has built the trading room is an absolute gem. Every time Ck jumps in the room it’s a master class on so many levels and subjects. But I’m also so grateful for people like you Cappy, Nick, Mandy and Pepe just to name a few ,that help so many inside the trading room

- Kristecorqt

love this format and structure has been so helpful, it teaches you everything in order, when I first started I was looking for all this information , as I would constantly looking for answers in the lives etc.. even all the current videos that were up, and other places outside CK now it’s all in order and easy to access as many times as I need as I need…. Thanks so much!

- FPaula

I’ve been watching most of the comments from the new members. I’ll say I’ve been with this team for 3 months now. I would like to stress for the new folks here, if you want to make money, get OBSESSED with making money… READ like you’ve never read before. I read more in 2020 and 2021 then I’ve read in my entire life combine. You will not be spoon fed in this group. We are all here to help each other, but you should be obsessed with helping yourself by reading and learning all the new tools this group has provided. You have made an investment here ($195 – $2500 depending on the program) so make the absolute most of your investment. Watch the videos, read investment content, stray away from other social media distractions. Let the family in this group be your new distraction. This one will make you money, TikTok and FB will most likely not make you a dime.

- Joey B.

Learned a great lesson with DCA and hedging today it helped me out when the market turned around on me. Such a valuable tool to have in the arsenal I didn’t lose money when things went red and even made a little profit this is getting really fun team!! thank you all for everything everyone contributes.

- Mr. Blanco

I’m not going to lie i screwed up a lot when i first started a month ago. I lost ALOT due to my ambition and lack of knowledge. but this move to discord and having everyone positive in here has given me new life. Amazing group of people and a great teacher

- JStevenson

I am so grateful to CK and all the members of this group. I came in a month ago knowing nothing about trading. I never thought this was something I could ever do. I have learned so much in a short amount of time, I have implemented all the training’s, reading the books that are suggested and I am so proud of myself because I am succeeding in every trade, even taking trades without a signal. This group is one of a kind, we help one another no matter what. No one is left behind. This is life changing & highly recommended.

- M.King

CK I just have to say signals have such a high winning.  Just have to use risk management and you really can’t lose.

- A.Patel

Good morning. Want thank CK , Nick, and all others for this Discord. Used todays SIGNAL and scalped for $500 profit. Much love to all!

- D.Perez

I have to say the team profits channel is by far my favorite channel. I look forward to seeing this channel every time I open my phone!!!! All these wins are so inspiring!!!

- C.Nick

Hello Team. I’m having a surreal moment. I’m attaching a video of my trades today. Literally all green . Two weeks ago this was all red. This group and CK have helped me tremendously. That isn’t to say that I won’t have red days but I’m happy about the progress.

- T.Dunlop

My P/L is all green since the new tools. I’m embarrassed to show the before suffice it to say it did not look like this. Small wins but so grateful to be on the right track again. All green there today too!!


Just exited a trade I did while there were 20 teenagers at my house (had to escape for a bit LOL) Small deal, but green. This week (after applying DCA) I am 41/44 trades. 93% of trades profitable. The 3 I lost were when I hit the wrong button. Thank you <@CRYPTO_KING_GA3 for all the help and support.

- Dean.J

I just showed my son that someone made over 1 BTC in a couple minutes so he recommended me to pay CK for escalated classes so i can do that.

- J.Stevenson

CK this is awesome. THANK YOU when i heard you say 2 months ago it was like printing money I was scratching my head saying how. Now I see what you are talking about and I still have so much to learn. I cant wait. Nick thank you for your help, you guys.

- J.Stevenson

Good morning Team. I started early this time lol. 3 out of 3 green trades. Off to my 9-5. Will trade later By the way, DCA is a gem.

- T.Dunlop

Hey… dug myself a big hole before… but I am digging myself out of it… with your help. Love trading with u guys!

- D.Ivankovic

When I joined the group back in June I knew nothing about trading.  After just 3 short months I feel like I can trade any market!!  CK takes the time to help everyone in this community even by scheduling 1 on 1 meetings often.  At one point about a month ago I had a hard time reading the charts.  I reached out to CK and almost gave up.  CK immediately asked me to join a 1 on 1 call and he would take the time to see what I was missing.  After about an hour of his time I seen what I was missing!!

On top of this he taught us all a new technique that is simplified.  Since then I have got 78/80 on my trades!!! I really fell like I cannot lose now!!!

Thank you so much CK for everything you have shown me, and the time you gave me, and not allowing me to give up on my dreams!  After the past few weeks I feel like my dreams are just within reach!!

- C.Nick

Guys last Thursday was my last red trade. From there on it has been all green. If we follow the rules that were taught and have patience the sun finally rises. And I failed and lost bog time and got back on my feet. So lets keep learning. BTW I had to cut and edit in order to grasp all the traded but there was no single red trade in the middle.

- F.Samsing

With 2K I am up 189 bucks… savings account I was earning .08 cents…..!

- R. Oyler

My first day trading live. Thanks so much for all the questions, answers and support. I have learned a ton. I love this group!!

- Mike K

Had a great day today. Did about $1,300.00 today.

- Larry C

Well that was an interesting Long that I rode this today for CK Signal. Made $250 even if it was on Simulation. Boosting my confidence everyday!

- Randy K


- Dean.J

Hi Guys, today it is my first day trading by myself using CK signals. I got to say I was all night awake learning from your videos, this morning before work I got the signal and I wanted to try and I feel very happy because was successful. I just want to say thanks

- Rafael C

  I finally took a confident trade just now closed a 63% profit trade. After tuning into the chat earlier today, I used the rules discussed, ended up with 5/5 indicators watched the uptrend in a channel until it ended about 55171 then took my short and rode it back down, todays chat helped me make this trade, Thanks again

- Craig S

First day trading today. Small wins but all green for my 2% today. Just finished all of the training yesterday. What a blast!!

- C. Journey

Hey they got me fixed up! I just want to commend you and your guys for the fantastic customer/client service! If I had not already invested so much money in the other groups I would be upgrading my service with you guys. Not to say I won’t, it just will not be as soon as I would like!

- Shane G

Your guys are frigg’n awesome! Crypto_Alex was so so helpful, I can’t tell you how grateful I am. I’m a retired systems CTO, I built a good team, man, I have to say… you guys were better, and my guys were good! I truly made the right choice joining your team. You resonated with me on TikTok and I started following. Then I was like ok, this guy has got something here. –

- Henchman

10 for 10 today team. Happy I exceeded my 3% daily goal and today I officially have surpassed my 3% average profits for the month of Oct! God bless you … I remember you coaching me not to give up to keep my money in play to compound my winnings, and here I am. Thank you:

- Anthony H

Guys I just made 3,000 dollars today…. it woulda taken me a month to make that at my job…I am beyond blessed to have found this amazing group and I thank each and every one of you especially

- S. Moonsoldier

I have found everyday to be another valuable day of learning. Just reading the discord, watching the charts, and doing the simulator. I have learned something from everyone who takes the time to post on this discord. CK has a great system here it seems IMO!!

- Robert M.

I’m new to the group. CK training is working. Yahoo!!!!!

- John W.

I hope I’m a millionaire by the time I’m 22, love this group it’s life changing and I haven’t even been here for 2 months haha!

- Stone.TV

I want to thank you for your help yesterday in the training room. I followed your signal this morning and with yesterdays training, I was able to pull 260% on a trade this morning. I know this is not normal, but it comes at a time when I was quite frustrated. Thanks again for helping all of us.

- Ticker

You’re a blessing from above. Thank you CK for everything! So grateful to be here!

- M. Cazar

Thank you CK and team for your awesome support and guidance. Love it here.

- N. Church

thank you brother I appreciate you so much. That alone will help my family so much, its a gift i want to give them freedom truly a blessing this opportunity to take my own life in my hands and take myself out of poverty.

- N. D'on

CK and the entire crypto team are so genuine. They truly want to teach us all to fish and to fish WELL!!

- N. fwslb

, thank you for the live trading session this morning. The knowledge gained in these hour sessions is more valuable than the money made during the session . . . and we made some good money this morning. Thank you!!

- L. Reboot

I’m very thankful for being part of this room that you put together. I was confused in the beginning and this room sharing knowledge has helped me out so much. This team you put together is amazing. Thankyou

- Mudman M.

I started live trading since Nov 3rd…with almost 18k between 2 accounts…I have made a total profit of 12k and that isn’t me trading everyday…I been traveling and on thanksgiving vacation with family and stuff.

- Cappy

I thank the lord for this positive group every single day and CK and the team, The internet nowadays is such a dark negative place full of hate but I haven’t found one person in here who isn’t positive and helpful and absolutely grateful for this amazing opportunity we are apart of! You guys all are absolutely awesome and consider everyone in here family!

- R. Farbux

I have been here since Sept I think and it has changed my life…I am on goal to retire from my real job next year because of it!

- Cappy

I’m a busy man I have 3 business to run and a church calling to serve and been here for few months and is the best thing I have done. Give me a full understanding of the crypto world and is Awesome thank you And also making my earnings multiply

- Michael

So just encourage new people in group… from my first date of joining up to today (by price of btc now) made a profit of 688$

- Dado S.

I Just had Christmas with the family and showed them the profits! THANK YOU CK AND TEAM. One step closer to financial freedom for my children.

- James S.

We in the right place 4 months in and must say I didn’t expect to be where im at as far as reading charts, CK wasn’t lying about it being easy.

That and the team here that helps us understand when we don’t.

- Salty C.

Yes, nobody has the support system like we do! Fortunate & Thankful for sure.

- Terra F.

Very blessed and proud to be apart of this group and the opportunity that has been given to us.

- Vinny

I ….dont know jack…. faithfully trusting the CK boys !!

- Mr G.

strongly recommend joining the live trades with CK any opportunity you get. He will give you gems that you wont get in a book or video.

- Ron M.

Just Back and i can confirm even when the wife drags me out, My Short cashed me in $$$$$  So Happy Thanks

- Deano

I would have cashed out when it was over 100% but that just means he doesn’t think that was the top yet.

- Lando

CK is really really good because he has his method down to science and he builds upon that fundamental…he doesn’t change the way he trades he just adds things to the foundation.

- Cappy

No room to introduce ones self but I’d like to say hello! l really really thank the creator of this group for creating this opportunity and having such an awesome support team .. makes on boarding smooth — I’ve been lurking in the Discord and living in the bot discussion channel for a week (in case a question I may have had has been answered) & watching training videos to learn as much as I can – I am looking forward to fully funding and joining the live trading and educational component as full time trading is the ultimate goal for me. My bank transfer will finalize tomorrow and i will be in the game . Seems best to have more than one bot but I am here to learn & will be lurking and learning in the trading floor next. Always a student THANKS AGAIN

- Forexnewbie

Let me just take a moment and say thank you to the whole CK family. Today marks a milestone in making my first 0.4 trade with 50% profit. Coming where I’m from it’s really not easy to compete with you guys and it might not sound much to you but I used to work for a week for this much money. 1 day at a time. Love you all.

- Mario C.

I LOVE this team and I feel extra special to be apart of it

- Rachael

Learned so much already that instead of buying and transferring btc, I just traded it and bagged it;)

- Saltycoco

Very impressed with training methods. This method is very easy to understand. I just started to simulate trade today after watching the videos. #1 key is I had to be more patient. I’m getting excited to live trade. This community is setting me up to be a better trader. Thanks! Lets keep grinding

- Virginia W.

Also if CK announces he will be trading at a certain time make sure to be in that room at that time. Invaluable

- Eddie

I have spent countless hours and dollars learning to trade. As brilliant as is, he explains it so well that even someone as scatterbrained as me can pick it up. For me it’s more a matter of trying to remember everything valuable I’m learning, and breaking years of old bad habits and bad info I’ve gotten from other sources.

- Grumpybutcher

My confidence level increases a little more every time I trade live with you. Thanks for all the guidance!

- James H.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, What has been achieved here is an amazing opportunity to live your life (NOT work to live) (Just ME) I fell blessed to be apart of this wonderful group from the beginning, Hats off to

- Deano

Gents – Bravo!  Streamlined and SUPER simple. Nice work! Now lets see what this ETH setting can do!

- Brian B

Guys. I’ve been in group since 2nd wave. One thing for new people in group: Sit, relax, enjoy in profit, and don’t touch anything if you are not trader with experience. I am new in to this, learning, and  making me money…

- Dado S.

Just off work and saw the Nice balanced AG trade today.I’m up $973 total from the get go. No haters here.

- Steve

I had been looking for people with the same interests and drive regarding crypto and success and good living. I found it here finally!! Thanks CK family!!!

- Andrew T.

Today has not been great, but there’s always tomorrow! Thank the team, have a good night fam, keep the faith, keep learning and be safe!

- Ruthi D.

I have already made enough to cover the monthly fee. The remainder is profit. Excited to see how the second half of the month goes.

- Baum

Thats the best part of this group.. Absolutly no limits to what we can achieve with this team!

- Dru

Gotta love making money while you sleep!!

- Kevin C.

Good morning family nice to wake up to A little profit and back into another trade

- Cord

Trust and patience….CK and team have it….and we have them.

- Robert M.

Yeah being new to live trading I’m getting more confident and using more indicators to confirm, last year I tried and looking back I had no idea what I was doing

- Virgina W.

Trust the team Trust the process! My two cents.

- Bzambrotta

Sounds about right. For the newbies, trust the vet here, we have seen it time and time again, you just need patience

- Anthony H.

I know I will eventually but it’s a patience game and in the meantime I learn and try to be better at this craft. Just closed my own trade 0.2 at 80% because that’s what I learned to do here. That’s where the money is.

- Mario C.

I can tell the team has been working their butt of in this chat and even more so behind the scenes. If this wasn’t the case then I would be worried… But I have complete confidence that we have all made the right decision.

- Epic

Having been here since beta, I consider December more an alpha phase and January beta. Considering the curve balls Bex put of the team! I’m profitable for the month, I have more BTC than I started with, so I’m a happy and looking forward to more.

- Ron

I will have to say I’m very please I just done my account balance minus speak my deposit and I made 0.01599825 btc I am at the market price now that’s 700 bucks to literally  but sit here and watch it and learn so I want to congratulate the whole entire team for everything that I have done for us know where else you’re gonna stick your money in and make this kind of profit

- Cord

I hate to sound like a broken record, but I have been with this group a little over 2 months now and the teamwork here is amazing. CK, Nick, Josh, Alex are amazing. Thank you for such a great experience.

- Matt

Guys all I want to say is I started mid December at .0997btc and now at .1205…for those talking crap out there they are missing out on what the team has put together and continue to Assemble for us, beyond grateful THANK YOU

- Salty C.

Most traders would DCA’d already, but  just patiently waiting and protecting our margin.

- Anthony H.

I just want to step in and say thank you to this community and Ck for putting it together with his team. I’ve had great times in discussion amd just watching discussions. I’m struggling with the indecision of taking a break. But that’s here not there for you fine people to make the decision I just wanted to really thank everyone for the constant support level.

- Fallforward

CK and the team are genius!

- Conway T.

Yes there is a lot to learn but there are many people on here that will help and guide you. On the trading community its an open voice forum to talk about trading techniques really anything while people are live trading together. jump in there introduce yourself there are people in there now.

- Jake

Loving all these trades

- Rachael

This community is very rare. It’s very awesome what everyone is doing

- Fallforward

I just want to say thank you to , , and the team for everything they teach us, as well as everyone on the Community Trading Room because I was with them when this happened and they helped a lot.


- Pepe

I’m so excited and eager to learn and master this new trade. I look forward in learning from each and everyone of you.

- Farmerrick

I was very lucky to get in on the community tonight. Nick rocked the house just helping out a few folks with questions on chartlines and doing the preliminary set ups before Trading! Awesome sauce!

- Edge777

To the whole CK team, words can’t describe the dedication and commitment you all have. Tenacity at its finest! Appreciate you all!

- Thinkclinically

Exciting stuff! Appreciate this team

- Tony P.

This is great. Thanks for all the teams hard work!

- Jake

thanks so much for your hard work.. it is GREATLY APPRECIATED

- Wayne E

Excellent. Super excited. You guys do an amazing job and we are all very thankful for it

- Bzambrotta

Thanks to the trading room and the valuable information I get daily, it would not have been possible. I’ve only been trading for about 3 months but my learning curve has gone through the roof. I’m barely scratching the surface on what I should know but keeping my trade decisions simple and disciplined is the answer. Looking forward to much needed learning and training in the future. If I have any advice for newbies just live in that trading room and trade with ck as much as possible when he’s live

- Eddie

Sounds promising, thx for continually trying to improve. Well done

- MrG

The CK team always working hard to make the best product. Team even though we went live, in the first 6/12 months it’s always like beta and fine tuning is done. This team NEVER QUITS!!!!

- Larry C.

CK, just a quick shoutout to you.  You are the real deal, your compassion for people is genuine. Your willingness to help people…help themselves is amazing. Thank you and your team for all you do….

- Rick P.

I learn more and more every day from you and this group thankyou to all!

- Mudman

Ive been impressed with my 5 min script!!! Definitely starting to feel like beta again

- Ace

Was out with my son this evening and came home to a nice quick win! Love it!

- Brian B.

Honestly live trading will outperform any bot. Trade in the room. Your IQ will skyrocket immensely in the first week. So much help and great info there.

- Eddie

I nearly panicked closed Nick, but someone walked in my office and distracted me… it then shot back up so I missed…. Plus I think it’s more intelligent than me…. And like the wife it knows best

- Sho4pry

Thank you. But all the credit goes to CK. I learned the skills I have now from him. All I’m doing is passing on to everyone what he has showed me.

- Cappy

The amount of time the team puts into it and the access to the executive team. I have never traded anything live in my life. My first 6 weeks were rough, many ups and downs. My last two weeks have been much better. Get on the trading channel and learn as much as you can. The community is very willing to share their knowledge.

- Ron M.

Just food for thought Cappy is Mandy and of course ck are practically there own bag of money bots when their in the room !! The knowledge and insight they drop does nothing but make bags!!!

- Kristecorqt

Man this indicators almost spot on I’ve been back playing in a simulator room I just made a quick 30% scrape not bad good job guys

- Cord88

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